Is TV Showing Us What Shark Experts Really Look Like?

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Vicky Vásquez is a graduate student under the Pacific Shark Research Center and the founding Deputy Director of the Ocean Research Foundation. You can follow Vicky on Twitter at @VickyV_TeamORF.

The Shark Expert.

As an early career scientist, I am still learning about what it means to be a shark expert and the standards by which we uphold these individuals to. Before starting school at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, I used programming similar to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week or NatGeoWild’s SharkFest to help me define those terms and build my knowledge of “shark facts”. Did you make the same mistake?

Shark Week's 2014 campaign, King of Summer used a comical caricature of a shark expert. Shark Week’s 2014 campaign, King of Summer used a comical caricature of a shark expert.

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Fog Blog: the June Edition

Very cool study investigating mercury in coastal marine fog with blue water diving (!) going on at MLML.

The Drop-In Blog @ Moss Landing Marine Labs

By Alex Olson & Holly Chiswell, Chemical Oceanography

1 Fog Tower deployed, the crew of the R/V Point Sur spotlights night waters to avoid crab pots during fog collection operations off the California Coast (Photo by Alex Olson)

On June 5th, members of the Marine Pollutions Studies and Chemical Oceanography Labs under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Coale, began a week-long journey on the R/V Point Sur to investigate the recent findings of mercury in coastal marine fog. Dubbed “The Fog Cruise”, the crew and science party aboard sampled near and offshore waters using oceanographic tools for signs of methylmercury (MeHg), from deep sea sediments to fog above the sea surface.

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